Dear Prospective Graduate Student:

I am glad you are seeking information about graduate programs in Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia. We have tried in these web pages to make all relevant information available to you, as you may have already seen, including forms for applying to the Graduate School and the Department. The graduate programs of the department include the Master of Education degree, the Master of Arts degree, the Specialist in Education Degree, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree. The graduate program also serves students who are working on initial teacher certification, either as a Non-Degree student or as a Master of Education degree candidate.

The Department of Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia was founded in 1966, and was one of the most active departments of mathematics education in the world. It was merged with the Department of Science Eduction in 2004 and became a program within the Department of Mathematics and Science Education. The faculty includes regular faculty, visiting faculty, and affiliated mathematics education faculty members in other departments, all of whom hold diverse interests in mathematics education and leadership. Current faculty members include two former editors of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education; authors from several different school mathematics series; authors of college textbooks and research books; and present and past leaders in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, School Science and Mathematics Association, and the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The instructional program in mathematics education serves undergraduate prospective secondary school teachers of mathematics, undergraduate prospective middle school and early childhood teachers, inservice teachers, and full time graduate students. There are approximately 35 prospective secondary teachers who complete the program each year and approximately 35 full time graduate students.

I hope you will find information here that will help guide your interests in graduate study. I am always happy to answer inquiries by e-mail,, or by regular mail, telephone, or a visit to the department. Thanks for your interest in our program.


John Olive

Mathematics Education Graduate Coordinator
P.S. Please click on the following links for more detailed information regarding applications for the Program:
|| Scores and Transcripts || Personal Statements and Writing Samples || Application Deadlines || Student ID's, Parking & Housing || Immunization || Graduate Assistantships


Mathematics Education Program
University of Georgia
105 Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7124

Telephone: 706-542-4194

Fax: 706-542-4551

About Recommendations

At least three recommendation are required for all degree programs.The recommendations should be from people who are familiar with your teaching, your potential for graduate study, or your academic record. The purpose of the recommendationss is twofold: 1) to help us assess your scholarly potential for completing a graduate program, and 2) to assist us in advising you.

Recommendations can be requested as part of the on-line application process if you supply e-mail addresses at the appropriate place in the on-line application. The persons whose e-mail addresses you give will be contacted by the Graduate Admissions office and the recommendation can be submitted on-line.

If you chose not use the on-line format, you may ask your writers of recommendations to send them directly to the program graduate coordinator early in the application process. The recommendation may use the form provided on the Graduate School web site admission section but if your writer prefers, a narrative letter (perhaps on school letterhead) is fine. Also, a recommendation may be sent via e-mail to the graduate coordinator.

We will log in the receipt of recommendations on the tracking screen provided to you by the Graduate School so you may check the status of your application materials throughout the application process. Admissions decisions can be delayed if recommendations are not received.

The same letters may be used in support of an application for an assistantship.

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About Scores and Transcripts


The Graduate Record Examination is required for all degree programs. The minimum acceptable scores are:

Master of Education or Master of Arts

At least 400 on Verbal score

At least 400 on the Quantitative score

Minimum total of 850 on the Verbal plus Quantitative

Specialist in Education

At least 450 on Verbal score

At least 450 on the Quantitative score

Minimum total of 950 on the Verbal plus Quantitative

Doctor of Philosophy

Minimum total of 1100 on the Verbal plus Quantitative

Miller Analogies Test (MAT) (not recommended)

Cutoff scores on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) are accepted by some programs in the College of Education, in rare circumstances, in place of the GRE. A minimum raw score of 44 or a minimum scaled score of 400 is required for most programs.
For International Students:
TOEFL: Minimum total of 80, with minimum SPEAK of 20 and minimum WRITE of 20


Two copies of official transcripts from every college or university you have attended should be sent directly to the Graduate School.

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About Personal Statements and Writing Samples (doctoral applicants only)

Your personal statement should address your goals and reasons for pursuing graduate study in mathematics education.

The writing sample should be an academic work, such as a paper from previous graduate or undergraduate work, relating to education, mathematics, or mathematics education.

The purpose of these documents is assist the doctoral screening committee to assess your potential for satisfactory doctoral study and to aid faculty in advising you.

Contact the graduate coordinator ( if you have questions about these documents.

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About Application Deadlines

Application for admission deadline are determined by the Graduate School and strictly followed. The deadline date applies to the application; supporting material such as transcripts and test scores can follow a little later. Because the process of considering applications for assistantships occurs early, the application for admission must be submitted early if assistantship application is desired. Different deadline dates apply to international students than to U. S. Citizens.

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About Student ID's, Parking, Housing, etc.
Click here to find out about obtaining a student ID once you are admitted. This link also has information about parking permits and housing.

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About Immunization

Before being allowed to register for classes, all students must have a completed immunization form on file.  Click here to link to the form.

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About Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of assistantships are available on a competetive basis. Applications for assistantships must be submitted to the program graduate coordinator. Acceptance into the graduate program does not guarantee financial assistance, but admission is required before an assistantship application is considered.

Assistantships generally require a time commitment (13 to 20 hours per week). The assigned duties involve assisting faculty with instruction, outreach, or research.

If you wish to apply for an assistantship, download the Application for Graduate Assistantship, fill it out, and send it to the department. It can also be sent as a file attachment to an e-mail to

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