Mathematics Education

  Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Education

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Education is a 15 hour program designed for future mathematics faculty. The purpose of the program is to strengthen connections between the related but disparate disciplines of mathematics and mathematics education by encouraging communication in support of the shared responsibility of effective teacher preparation.

All applicants must be either:

(1) enrolled in the mathematics Ph.D. program or
(2) enrolled in one of the Master’s programs with the intention of going on to obtain a Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Georgia.

Apply today! Download the Certificate Application and return it to:


Mathematics Education Graduate Coordinator

The Department of Mathematics and Science Education

Room 105 Aderhold Hall

College of Education

Athens, GA 30602

         Phone: (706) 542-4194

         Fax: (706) 542-4551

You may also download the Proposed Program of Study form.


Curriculum Outline

The minimum course requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Education is 15 graduate semester hours.  Hours are chosen from the following areas:


(1) Technology and Problem Solving (3 hours)


Choose 1 from:

EMAT 6680 Technology and Secondary School Mathematics

EMAT 6600 Problem Solving in Mathematics


(2) Field Experience/Practicum (2-6 hours)

Choose at least 1 hour from each of:

EMAT 9800 Practicum in Mathematics Education (K-12 in-school experience)

EMAT 9700 Internship in Mathematics Education (on-campus internship teacher education experience with undergraduate mathematics content, methods courses for teachers)


(3) Research (3 hours)

Choose 1 from:

EMAT 9630 Critique of Literature in Mathematics Education (recommended)

EMAT 8010 Advanced Study of Mathematics Curriculum
EMAT 8020 Advanced Study of Mathematics Teaching and Teacher Education
EMAT 8030 Advanced Study of Mathematics Learning

(4) Electives (3-7 hours)

Choose at least 3 hours of elective courses in EMAT above the 6000 level.

For additional information, contact the Mathematics Education Graduate Coordinator, Department of Mathematics and Science Education,  (