Dr. Thomas J. Cooney
Professor Emeritus, Mathematics Education

Email: ProfTCooney@bellsouth.net

Dr. Cooney's responsibilities in the Mathematics Education include

-- Appointment as a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education

-- Work on Project RADIATE

-- Editor of the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education

-- Director of Eisenhower projects

-- Teacher of courses in mathematics and mathematics education


I joined the Mathematics Education Department in 1969 as a beginning assistant professor upon receiving my Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. My research and development activities have focused on various aspects of teaching mathematics and mathematics teacher education. I have directed three NSF research and/or development projects, the most recent being project RADIATE (1993-1997) for $890,000. I have also directed more than $700,000 in Eisenhower projects around the State, all of which have focused on teachers' assessment practices. My current grant supports the development of open-ended test items that are being used by the mathematics teachers throughout Fulton County. My research on teachers' beliefs has been published in leading journals and international publications including the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education and the International Handbook on Mathematics Education. My 1999 international activities include: a keynote address for an international conference on mathematics teacher education in Taipei, Taiwan; organizing and directing a research forum on "Becoming a Mathematics Teacher Educator" at the annual Psychology of Mathematics Education meeting in Haifa, Israel; a 7-day workshop held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok for mathematics teacher educators in Thailand; and a plenary address at a research conference on teachers' beliefs in Oberwolfach, Germany. I am the initial editor (1997-2002) of the international Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. I retired from the University of Georgia effective December 1, 1999 but continued working in Mathematics Education as journal editor, as director of Eisenhower projects on teachers' assessment practices, and as an occasional instructor.

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