1. Exceeding the Maximum Course Load: You can NOT exceed maximum course load. Graduate students may enroll in up to 18 semester hours during the Fall or Spring semesters, 6 semester hours in the MayMester, and up to 18 semester hours in the Summer school. You should work with an advisor in planning your schedules. The Graduate School will NOT approve overloads beyond these maximum enrollments. These limits apply to all graduate students, whether on assistantship support or not. Work with your advisor to deal with either maximum or minimum enrollments.

2. To Withdraw from a Course: A graduate student desiring to withdraw from a course(s) prior to the midpoint of the semester can do so by submitting a withdrawal form on line through the OASIS registration system. A student who holds an assistantship and wishes to withdraw from a course must maintain the required minimum course load. A student who wishes to withdraw from a course after the midpoint of the semester must obtain approval from the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Your withdrawal notice is forwarded to the instructor via OASIS for assignment of a grade. The instructor has the option of assigning a W if your work has been satisfactory up to the time of withdrawal, or a WF if the work has not been satisfactory.

3. About Awarding of an Assistantship: If you have questions about your status of receiving an assistantship through the department or the Graduate School you should consult with the Department Head/Program Coordinator and/or the Graduate Coordinator. The final decision lies with the Department Head and Program Coordinator, although the Graduate Coordinator may be able to answer your questions.

4. About Advisory Committee: It is best to discuss membership of the advisory committee with faculty members. If a major professor has been selected that should be the first line of input into your decisions about committee membership.

5. Departmental Facilities:

The kitchen in the first floor of Aderhold Hall in the mathematics education area is for the use of all Mathematics Education faculty, staff, and students. You are also requested to wash your dishes, coffee cups, etc., and to wipe off the table when you are finished.

There are several rooms with books, journals, and other materials for your use. Room 105G and the Begle Library house some books and journals for your use, and room 105G also contains several computers (check with the Receptionist for directions). If you cannot find what you need, check with faculty and staff.

6. How to Make Copies for Classes : Students are requested to get their copies done by the staff. If you are teaching a class, we request that you prepare at least two days ahead of time to make sure the staff has ample time to get the work done.

7. Any Questions Concerning Selection or Assignment of an Advisor : Any questions concerning the assignment or selection of an advisor are to be directed to the Graduate Coordinator.

8. Staff Members : Any questions concerning payroll, purchases, travel, reimbursements, or supplies are to be directed to the Business Manager. The Degree Program Assistant is responsible for maintaining student files, compiling assistantship applications, monitoring application files and documents, and maintaining databases. The Receptionist does copying and faxing when they are for the use of the program and classes and handles the mail for the program. The staff will assist you in any way possible.


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