Research Information

IRB Human Subject Research Approval

The University of Georgia and the University of Georgia Research Foundations, Inc. give assurance that they will comply with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations for the protection of Human Research Subjects. This assurance applies to all activities carried out by, in or on behalf of the institution which, in whole or in part, involve the use of human beings as subjects of research.

It is the policy of this institution that research projects involving human subjects will not be carried out until a complete research protocol describing the project has been submitted and approved. Contact IRB (Institutional Review Board) or call 542-3199 for more information.


Clarke County Approval for Human Research

A similar procedure like an IRB approval is required if a study is to be done in Clarke County schools. Contact the program specialist in G-4 of Deans Office or call 542-4693 for detailed information.


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