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of The University of Georgia


Article I: Duties, Election, and Terms of Officers


Section I: Duties


The duties of the officers shall be as follows:




1.       Preside over meetings of the organization and the Executive Committee.

2.       Administer the affairs of the organization.

3.       Form committees and appoint committee chairs as needed, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and the Department Head.

4.       Serve as an ex-officio officer, in an advisory role, to the Executive Committee in the year following term of office.


Vice President:


1.       Fulfill the duties of the President in his/her absence.

2.       Represent MESA to the College of Education Student Activity Council at The University of Georgia.

3.       Serve as chief correspondent between appointed committee chairs and the Executive Committee.

4.       Serve as community outreach coordinator. This includes coordinating community projects, i.e. tutoring opportunities, helping with community math competitions, etc.

5.       Serve as Colloquium Co-chair.   




1.       Keep minutes of all business meetings and Executive Committee meetings and post them on the website.

2.       Maintain all non-financial records of MESA.

3.       Maintain a complete calendar of MESA activities and post them on the website at the beginning of each month.

4.       Maintain a current membership directory, including an active e-mail list for correspondence.

5.       Maintain the MESA website and Listserv and administer correspondence for the organization.




1.       Maintain all financial records of MESA.

2.       Submit an annual request for funding to the Student Affairs office.

3.       Prepare and maintain an annual budget for all MESA funds.

4.       Present a financial report at all Executive Committee meetings and regular business meetings.

5.       Attain reimbursements for MESA members for such items as travel, MESA events, etc. 


                 NCTM Representative:


1.       Encourage membership in NCTM.

2.       Inform members about NCTM programs and publications.

3.       Inform NCTM of the activities and programs of MESA.

4.       Organize the semi-annual NCTM book sales.

5.       Attend the annual NCTM affiliate's meeting at the NCTM Conference. MESA will help cover costs for travel and lodging in a manner agreed upon by the Executive Committee.


Undergraduate Representative(s):


1.       Encourage undergraduates to join MESA.

2.       Assist in planning programs, events, and activities, which will involve undergraduates.


Editor of The Mathematics Educator:


1.       Appoint reviewers and recommend other staff members for the journal.

2.       Maintain guidelines for publication, which are printed in each issue of TME.

3.       Direct all aspects of the production of a semi-annual, professional publication. The process for each product begins with solicitation of manuscripts and ends with the distribution of the journal (printed and/or electronic) at the beginning of the Spring (Winter issue) and Fall semesters (Summer issue).

4.       Plan and ran a TME seminar during Fall semester to recruit and train new reviewers and editors.


Colloquium Chair:


1.        Recruit appropriate members of the mathematics education community to present their work in colloquium format.

2.        Make arrangements for a speakerŐs travel and accommodations in association with a colloquium, when necessary.

3.        Schedule each colloquium; i.e. arrange for a room, plan for refreshments, etc.

4.        Publicize each colloquium to MESA members and to the UGA mathematics education community.



Section II: Election


               The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint a Nominating Committee. This committee shall present, in writing (electronic or otherwise), a call for nominations to the membership. Nominations will be accepted for two (2) weeks from the date of the call for nominations. The Nominating Committee shall then present to the Executive Committee the names of one or more candidates for each elected office.


Candidates for each office shall be elected by a majority of votes cast. In the event that there are more than two candidates for a particular office, voters shall cast their votes by ranking the candidates in order of preference, placing a "1" beside their first choice, a "2" beside their second choice, etc. If a candidate receives a majority of first place votes, then that person is elected to office. If no candidate receives a majority of first place votes, then the candidate having the fewest number of first place votes is eliminated, and his/her ballots are distributed among the remaining candidates according to the voters' second choice. This procedure continues until one candidate has a majority of the votes. This shall be done in accordance with the procedures outlined in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


Section III: Terms of Office


All officers, except the Editor of The Mathematics Educator, shall serve a one-year term, beginning July 1 of the year of election. The term for TME editor shall run from August of one year to August of the next. The Editor of The Mathematics Educator shall leave office after the first issue of the current volume is published. There is no limit to the number of terms an officer may serve.


Article II: Membership


Student membership for purposes of voting and participating in other organizational activities shall be determined by payment of dues. It is the responsibility of each member to inform the MESA Secretary of address changes.


Article III: Dues


Membership dues are to be determined by the Executive Committee. The membership year runs from the start of Fall semester to the end of Summer semester. Payment of membership dues entitles the student members to a subscription to The Mathematics Educator and to any available travel funds for members who are presenting at Mathematics Education conferences. Such grants should not exceed $100 per member per membership year. These grants are handled by the Treasurer through the Student Activities fund, with approval by the Executive Committee.


Article IV: Voting and Quorum


Each member of MESA shall have one vote. A quorum for action at a business meeting is 20% of the membership. A two-thirds vote of members present is required to pass a motion. A quorum for action at an Executive Committee meeting is four voting officers.


Article V: Committees


The President shall form committees and appoint committee chairs as it is deemed necessary to conduct the affairs of this organization, with the approval of the Executive Committee and the Department Head. Standing committees shall include the Nominating Committee, Colloquium Committee and the Mathematics Contest Committee.


Article VI: Affiliations


MESA shall be a member of the College of Education Student Activity Council at The University of Georgia and an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


Article VII: Amendment Procedures


These by-laws may be amended at a meeting of the organization by a two-thirds vote of the members present. Any proposed amendment to these by-laws, along with the date and location of the meeting at which the amendment will be considered, shall be presented in writing to the individual members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.


Article VIII: Parliamentary Authority


This organization shall conduct its business according the Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised in all points not expressly provided for in the constitution and by-laws.



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