The Mathematics Education Student Association
invites you to the colloquium:

African American Male Students and School Mathematics



Dr. David Wayne Stinson

Georgia State University


Dr. Stinson discusses his dissertation study entitled African American Male Students and Achievement in School Mathematics: A Critical Postmodern Analysis of Agency (The University of Georgia, Department of Mathematics Education, August 2004). The purpose of his study was to shed light on the schooling experiences of African American male students who embraced school, academics, and mathematics. In particular, the study examined the influence of sociocultural discourses on the agency of 4 African American men in their early 20s who had demonstrated achievement and persistence in school mathematics. Agency in this context was defined as the participants’ ability to accommodate, resist, or reconfigure the available sociocultural discourses that surround African American males in order for them to effectively negotiate these discourses in their pursuit of success.


Dr. Stinson currently teaches graduate courses in mathematics education at Georgia State University in the Department of Middle/Secondary Education and Instructional Technology. Framed within critical postmodernism, Dr. Stinson’s research interests are to examine the multidimensional economic, cultural, political, and social discourses of society and the impact of these discourses on teaching and learning in mathematics. His long-range goals in mathematics education are two fold: (a) to develop a critical postmodern school mathematics curriculum that aids in facilitating a more equitable and just society; and (b) to perform an archeological/genealogical analysis on the “White male math myth” in the discourse of mathematics teaching and learning.


Tuesday, March 8, 2005

3:15 – 4:15 pm

Rm 520 Aderhold Hall


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