The Mathematics Education Student Association
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Some Math Ed Issues Arising in a Math Department


Dr. Richard Hill

Michigan State University


Richard Hill is a professor of mathematics at Michigan State University.  He has written research papers in algebraic topology and numerical linear algebra. Since 1992, he has directed an Emerging Scholars Program (an Uri Treisman style, calculus-level, integrated minority support program). Issues arose in this program that have led to two types of math-ed research which will be of interest to both math and math ed faculty:


1.  The transition in math from high school to college.  We are writing up the results of a study involving about 3000 students from 34 high schools, the studentsŐ senior year math courses and their grades, standardized test scores, and MSU math courses and grades.  The results have been interesting, many surprising.  This study is being expanded to grades 8-12 and six universities; comments and suggestions will be appreciated.


2.  Developing a capstone course for future math high school math teachers, team taught by a mathematician and a mathematics educator.  Among other things, the results show sophomore-senior math courses often miss opportunities to draw connections between the math in these courses and school math.  Various issues will be presented.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

3:30 – 4:30 pm

Rm 323 Boyd Hall


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