The Origin Game


Please read the description of the Origin Game provided on the reverse side.  Your task is to answer the three provided questions and document your experience in solving this problem.  Your submitted work should consist of the following:


  1. A written description of your experiences with this problem (20 points).  Written work should be typed or neatly printed, double-spaced with one-inch margins, and in 12-point font.  The length of your summary should be a minimum of two and maximum of three pages, not including diagrams and tables.  Any diagrams or tables found within your paper must be labeled and have a descriptive caption that relates it to the text.


Your paper should contain a narrative of the steps you took to solve the problem, including the following elements:


          Clear and careful communication of the mathematics (4 points).

          A brief statement of the problem. (3 points)

          A careful description of the process you used to generate data (3 points).

          A description of the data generated by your investigation (3 points).

          A description of patterns you found in your data (3 points).

          A description of how you used the patterns found in your data to answer the questions provided below (4 points).

          Any additional observations.


  1. A visual aid that represents your experience solving the problem (20 points).  This should be a comprehensive snapshot of important steps, patterns, observations, and conclusions you have found.  It may take on a variety of forms (poster, slide show, power point presentation, etc.).


          Neatness and visual appeal (4 points)

          Logical presentation/easy to read (4 points)

          Clear display of data (4 points)

          Clear display of results and conclusion (4 points)

          Represents study, effort, and student learning (4 points)


  1. A brief (10-15 minute) presentation of your observations, solutions, and conclusions to the class (20 points).


          Adequate length (4 points)

          Clear communication of how the problem was solved (4 points)

          Clear communication of observations and conclusions (4 points)

          Demonstration of confidence in knowledge of the problem (4 points)

          Clear answers/responses to questions from the class and teacher (4 points)