The Mathematics Education Student Association
invites you to the colloquium:

Power and Creativity in Mathematics: Using Open-Ended Problems in the Mathematics Classroom



Kyle Schultz

University of Georgia

Dept. of Mathematics & Science Education


Open-ended problems can provide students with a way of seeing mathematics as a creative and powerful endeavor. Based upon simple premises, open-ended problems are rich in mathematical content and can engage students of varying ability levels. When used properly, open-ended problems provide a medium for students to develop problem-solving skills, communicate mathematically, use technology, and see connections between seemingly unrelated mathematical ideas.

In this presentation, the speaker reflects on his experiences in implementing projects based on open-ended problems. Audience members will be introduced, through participation, to examples of open-ended problems. In addition, audience members will learn about issues that teachers should consider when using open-ended problems.  The speaker will provide suggestions for implementing open-ended problems in a secondary classroom and show examples of his students' work.

Monday, October 31, 2005

2:45 – 3:45 pm

Rm 317, Aderhold Hall


*****Refreshments Will Be Served*****


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