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University of Louisville Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Teacher Development


March 27, 2008

Room 112 at 1:00

Speaker: Dr. William Bush, Director


The Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Teacher Development (CRMSTD) was established in 2002 at the University of Louisville by Dr. William S. Bush to: (1) conduct research on the development of mathematics and science teachers including their knowledge of mathematics, science, and pedagogy; (2) build exemplary models of teacher recruitment, teacher education programs, and professional development experiences through collaborative efforts among mathematicians, scientists, mathematics and science educators, and classroom teachers; and (3) revise doctoral programs within the Department of Teaching and Learning in mathematics and science education to enhance their national prominence. Since the beginning of the CRMSTD, faculty have been involved in projects totaling over $16 million in extramural funding.  Significant past projects include the Appalachian Collaborative for Learning, Assessment, and Instruction in Mathematics (ACCLAIM), the Louisville Area Science and Mathematics Alliance for the Recruitment and Education of Teachers (LA-SMARTER), and the Urban University Partnership for Mathematics in Mathematics and Science Teaching (UP2MAST).  Current projects include Algebra I and Geometry End-of-Course Assessments, Formative Assessments in Middle Mathematics, and Improving Algebra Teaching in KY Gear Up Schools.