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A Mathematics Education Travelogue in Asia: Dispelling Myths, Opening Dialog


April 25, 2008

Room 418 at 1:00

Speaker: Steve Rasmussen, President of Key Curriculum Press



This mathematical travelogue draws from experiences in a dozen Asian countries. The pictures are personal, the experiences are singular, the observations are idiosyncratic.  But the human face of mathematics education that emerges helps dispel myths and stereotypes about the conditions and work of our colleagues in Asia who struggle with issues not unlike our own.  IÕll focus on Vietnam and India and discuss how UGA might connect with Hue University in Vietnam to open a meaningful and productive collaboration.


Steve Rasmussen is one of the founders of Key Curriculum Press and now serves as its president.  He has been the principle investigator of two NSF projects, one involving the use of technology and the other dealing with professional development.  He is an active participant in the world of mathematics education (just look at the abstract) and regularly presents at ICME, PME, NCTM, as well as other conferences.