MESA Executive Board Meeting

July 27, 2007


In attendance:

President: Rachael Brown

Vice-President: Nick Cluster

Treasurer: Susan Sexton

NCTM rep: Kyle Schultz

Colloquium chair: Dana TeCroney

Secretary: Kelly Edenfield


Undergraduate election

¯       Need to get members ($2 membership for undergraduates)

o        Perks: Put on resumŽ as member of a professional organization

o        Activities

¤          (Reps) put together bulletin board; attend executive board meetings

¤          ŌStudy breakĶ for undergrads before finals

¤          Mock interviews and resumŽ building day

¤          Two undergrad colloquia

¯       Need to elicit nominations in the fall; due to Kelly by Aug 27

o        Kelly will announce for seniors in 4360

o        We need someone to announce for juniors. Is anyone TAÕing?

¯       Vote by September 7


Pre-session (Tuesday, August 14 and Wednesday, August 15)

¯       Welcome packets – Susan will put together.

¯       Intro activity – Try to get mixed groups. Give everyone a Skittle to determine group. Need to come up with 4 – 5 questions to put on each table for the groups to discuss.

¯       Tour and lunch

o        Tuesday – Lunch is on our own. Volunteer to take new people with you to lunch.

o        Wednesday – Lunch at Little Italy. We will call ahead with pizza orders and reserve the back. We need to have Ōsign-upĶ sheet for food at the beginning of the day. Kelly and Dana will lead the tour. MESA meeting will follow tour.

¯       MESA picnic

o        Friday, August 15 at 5:00 pm at RiverÕs Crossing

o        Hamburgers and hotdogs. MESA will also provide drinks and paper products.

o        Sign-up sheet to bring side dishes and desserts. First years do not bring anything.



¯       One a month; undergraduate ones do not count

¯       Try to bring in people; we have money; we need one big one each semester

¯       Vary the times and dates colloquia are offered.

¯       Already scheduled / ideas

o        August 23: Glenda Lappan

o        September 21: Luis Rico

o        ?: Les Steffe

o        (Dana has more ideas)


Schedule – 1st Monday of each month from 10:00 – 11:00 am. If the first Monday is a holiday, we will meet on the next Monday.


Next Meeting (after pre-session): September 10, 2007