MESA Meeting

August 15, 2007


Officers in attendance:

President: Rachael Brown

Vice-President: Nick Cluster

NCTM rep: Kyle Schultz

Colloquium chair: Dana TeCroney

Secretary: Kelly Edenfield


Agenda: Overview of MESA

       Officers were introduced

       Dana discussed colloquia: what they are, upcoming colloquia

       Kyle talked about the book sales

       Ryan and Kelly discussed TME, including benefits of participation and the seminar

       Details and directions were provided for the MESA picnic

       Nick went over the membership brochure

       Begles was discussed

       Questions were raised about the community service done by the group. We would like to do more this year. Please share ideas.

       Rachael talked about the software for the Begles library and the need for help with organizing it.

       New members submitted dues and paperwork.