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Executive Board Meeting
January 31, 2009
I. Writing Retreat (Brian)
• 2 people drop, threw off group rotation – move groups differently change timing so that
2 groups helping one group
• At Georgia Center supply access is limited: need computers.
We should have enough if people should be able to bring their own
• Students participating will get 8990 credit; majority of work done during this last meeting so don’t worry
about credit hour vs. workload issue at this point
• Internet access – no PAWS?
• Kyle is reporting to NCTM
II. Begles Schedule (Brian)
• Working out to be the third Friday of each month this semester.
III. Library Proposal (Brian)
• Working on after writing retreat – Brian suggests we need to pay someone to get this accomplished.
• $2800 to be spent on TME, NCTM conference, and colloquia (about 50% of budget)
• Pay $800 for 20-40 hours, probably isn’t enough time to finish the job, but we need to make some
progress and let the next board pick up where we left off
• Richard wanted to leave more money for next year than we were left.
• Next issue: who can do this, Brian will tlak with Denise
IV. Community Service (Sharon)
• Erica Fletcher at Cedar Shoals
• one person interested in math competition
• Committee to get undergrads involved in tutoring, community service
• Undergrad reps say that no one responds: what kind of incentives can we offer to increase participation:
point system or
• Goal this year is to develop name recognition, next year sponsor some events
• Extra work is required for admission in this program, may be part of the problem for drumming up
• Cynthia and Emily will work on building support among undergrads
V. Colloquium (Dana)
• Karen King NYU – Policy – March 3
• Chris Franklin – Difference between math and statistical thinking
• Clint McCrory – How has geometry changed
• Undergrad Colloquium – Feb 24
– Q&A session with Principals from area high schools
Monday night before seminar? 5pm or 6pm
VI. NCTM Updates (Ryan)
• Book Sale Plans March 24-26, 2 weeks after spring break
Volume discount for 5360 class - $5 profit
• NCTM conference: Airfare $250, Registration $115, Hotel - $169/night for total of $850
VII. TME (Ryan)
• Schedule – waiting on approval from one author, then formatting, goal is before Super Bowl Sunday
• Email will go out to all MESA members without departmental mailbox to arrange for pickup

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• EPSCO – royalty check $26.33
• Should be a few more book checks coming
VIII. Undergraduate News
• Writing Seminar Certificates are done and distributed
• One needs to be mailed to Michelle Chung
• Bulletin Board – is this useful, other purposes we can incorporate?
* community volunteer application
* Cynthia will work on Bulletin board