Monday, June 16, 2008


Priorities for the yearBrian



·      SOCIAL/MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: to be decided- will handle Begles

·      roughly every 2 weeks; Don’t want ask too much of Dr. Wilson, Brian and Rachael will talk with him

·      Begles chair needed, want to keep Begles informal

·      Something alternate for the other weeks, invite undergrads to this non-intimidating location for them—not professor’s house



·      COLLOQUIA COMMITTEE: Dana (Colloquium chair), and Sharon (VP) act as co-chairs with junior undergrad as committee member to help with advertising and undergrad attendance

·      Undergrad  involvement:

§         First-year/student teacher/practicing teacher panel, other ideas geared to undergrads? What do undergrads want out of colloquia?

·      There are reservations to doctoral students acting as speakers—not sure about this, we need to talk to Dana

·      Give doctoral students more opportunity to practice presentations

·      Scheduling to not coincide with exams!

·      Other MESA members to introduce speakers instead of chair as way to involve more members

·      Paul Cobb, some others Dana has figured out



·      NOMINATING COMMITTEE: to be determined

·      Make announcement 1st week for membership, 2nd week to collect dues, nominations done end 4th week of class and week to vote

·      Board member to 4500, 4360, 3500—check on schedules

·      Elementary and middle school preservice members involved? Elementary have too much to handle, middle- we’ll see.



·      COMMITTEE: Allyson Hallman (chair), Kelly Edenfield, Rachael Brown

·      Meeting in August


Financial StatusRichard



·      Request $8150, should be approved some time in fall!

·      18 $100 re-imbursement stipends if 1st presenter & 3 weeks in advance of travel—will send email, only 6 or 7 used last year

·      Food re-imbursement no longer allowed—must be for a large event, not Begles


·      Increase? budget not approved until fall- unanimous vote to increase.

·      Proposed amount: $5 undergrads, $10 grads remind members of our new activities!

How to properly submit receipts



NCTM affiliate conference

15-17th of August, $900 to send Ryan?

Just do NCTM national in DC in April instead


NCTM Grant Status Allyson

            It’s turned in, no response yet.


Something for Dr. Iszak?

Attach something to end of seminar, lunch and small gift/presentation—talk to Susan/Kelly

Side note: Contribution to MET of NCTM for retiring professor, but not for this


Increased Student Involvement:

            Attend “x” number of things and get certificate of participation

Raffle for undergrads who attend colloquium, seminar, library, etc.

Griffin Campus join or set up separate affiliate—can we have two UGA affiliates?


Community Outreach – Sharon

            Tutoring program – Classic City requested

Sharon wants to pick one place, start small and build this program, Weekly tutoring capped to manageable size, include more undergrads,

Hillsman Middle & Cedar Shoals--Sharon will email in August to see what they are interested in.


Important Dates Coming Up

Classes start: August 18th and Presession August 12th – 14th