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January 7, 2006


EMAT 4360/6360 & EMAT 5360/7360


For the fall semester, Prime students will be taking a methods class (EMAT 4360/6360) with an accompanying field experience class (EMAT 5360/7360). Assignments will be possed on this website as well as WebCT. All typed assignments should be submitted through WebCT, please do not email the instructors your assignments.


Overview: We work from a belief that mathematics for teaching is different from mathematics for oneself, and that at its core, mathematics for teaching carries an implication of mathematics for all students.

Within this mathematical context we ask you to:
• work toward a critical view of your future classroom and your role within it.
• explore and develop tools to become the mathematics teacher you envision
• become aware of tensions between current practices and practices promoting education of all students.
• consider advantages of working within a professional learning community and factors that contribute to or detract from such communities.
• challenge/broaden/deepen your mathematical understanding of topics in the HS classroom.

We will interact with practicing teachers and students in local high schools to:
• learn and practice critical observation (listening, feeling) of mathematics classrooms.
• challenge (develop) both experiential and theoretical images of mathematics classrooms through observation.
• consider the value and use of documents such as lesson plans, text books, state standards, and local curriculum guides.


Nature of Math discussion | PDF

Assumptions discussion | PDF

Field Experience 1 | PDF

Field Experience 2 | PDF