Article Summary

Reading Grade Levels and Mathematics Assessment: An Analysis of Texas mathematics Assessment Items and Their Reading Difficulty    PDF

2010, Vol. 20, No. 1, 22-34

Increased reading difficulty of mathematics assessment items has been shown to negatively affect student performance. The advent of high-stakes testing, which has serious ramifications for studentsí futures and teachersí careers, necessitates analysis of reading difficulty on state assessment items and student performance on those items. Using analysis of covariance, this study analyzed the effects of reading grade level of mathematics assessment items on student performance on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. Results indicated that elementary and middle school students performed significantly worse on mathematics assessment items having a reading level above the student grade level. The implications of these results are discussed.

About the Author:
John H. Lamb is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Texas at Tyler. His research interests include interdisciplinary connections in mathematics, high stakes testing, and effective instructional practices in mathematics education.

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