Halls of Education

You are in a hallway extending far in front of you. Doors open off of this hall, each one having a small plaque on it describing where it leads. They are divided into sections:

For educational researchers and those interested in teacher education:

University of Georgia Department of Mathematics Education.
Teacher Education at UCLA.
Re-inventing Schools from the National Academy of Sciences.
AskERIC, providing access to educational literature.
NYSERNET gopher providing a varied collection of resources for professional development of teachers as well as Internet help.
SciEd's mathematics education resources (This link appears to be broken. When I find a new address, I'll put it up.)
The Teacher Education Internet Server is put up by the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, the University of Virginia, and the University of Houston. It has some nice links, including a gopher about mathematics teacher education.
The U.S. Department of Education has a page here.

For those interested in classroom teaching:

Math and Science entries on Yahoo
Things on Yahoo about calculators
Classroom Connect
The University of Missouri's links to other education sites
InfoList - Compiled lists of sites that might interest classroom teachers.
The Hub at TERC.
Math lesson plans on AskERIC.
U.S. National K12 gopher including a database of lesson plans.
The Global Schoolhouse project is currently over, but the pages have some nice links and ideas for teachers.
This site is part of SciEd and contains links to sites of interest. It also includes links to curriculum materials, courses and tutorials, and historical information.
Here are a variety of educational links that are part of a collection called "Treasures of the Internet."

Mathematics resources in general:

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
The Geometry Center
The Math Forum
Mega-Mathematics at Los Alamos
Key Curriculum Press has a site you can visit.

To search for other resources, you can go through this door that leads to a number of different programs to search for a topic.

Author: Barry Biddlecomb, email: < biddleco@coe.uga.edu>
Last Updated: Monday, September 30, 1996 (by John Olive)