Labs, Labs, Labs!!

Lab #

 Lab Title
 Relationship to Investigate
#1  String/Chair Distance between the chairs and the height of the lowest point of the string from the ground
#2. Vertical Jump Your height and your vertical jump
#3.  Bouncing Ball

Height of drop and height of initial bounce.

Bounce # and height of bounce (CBR).

#4.  Balancing Pennies # of pennies on end of a ruler and balancing point on ruler
#5.  Pendulum Swing length of swing (from side to side) and time to complete the swing
#6.  Circle Circumference circumference of a circle and diameter of the same circle
.#7.  Golden Faces Vertical distance from top of head to chin and vertical distance from center of eyes to chin
 #8 It's a Ramp angle of elevation of the ramp and time for the ball to roll 3 feet
 #9.  Light Intensity (CBL)  Intensity of light and distance from source