EMAT 3500, FALL 2003

Exploring Concepts with Technology in Secondary School mathematics

Outline (Subject to adjustments as needed)

Week 1: (8/19 & 8/21)

Thinking about being a mathematics teacher

Introduction to NCTM Principals & Standards

Setting up electronic communications (email and web page)

Introduction to GSP4, Excel and Graphing Calculators

Choose two of these Interactive Excel spreadsheets to explore!


Week 2: (8/26 & 8/28)

Exploring numerical and algebraic relations with technology

Exploring Squares and Square Roots

Investigation of Pythagorean Triples using Excel and GSP


Week 3: (9/2 & 9/4) Starting from Data: Variation (Topic 2,Workshop Statistics )

            Introduction to Fathom and more use of Excel (Faculty Scrabble)

            Using percentages to describe relations among data (gender of physicians)

            Creating an index from several variables to compare data (Baseball cost index)

            Comparing SAT scores across states

            How hazardous is your sport?


Week 4: (9/09 & 9/11)

            Displaying and describing distributions (Topic 3, Workshop Statistics )

            Measures of Center (Topic 4, Workshop Statistics )

            Measures of Spread (Topic 5, Workshop Statistics )


Week 5: (9/16 & 9/18) Exploring relations among data

            Using Scatter Plots to display associations among data (Topic 8, WS )

            Experimental Labs: Collecting, representing and analyzing data pairs


Week 6: (9/23 & 9/25) Representing relations among data

            Line of best fit for a set of data pairs: Signed, Absolute and Squared deviations

            Finding lines of best fit for your data from your lab experiments


Week 7 (9/30) Mid-Term Exam on data representation and analysis

(10/02) Modeling with Functions

Exploring geometric functions (Chapter 4 from Exploring Algebra, pp. 97-103)


Week 8: (10/07 & 10/09) Characteristics of Functions

Examining our understanding of using functions to model real-world events (Readings from Cooney et al, pp. 221-253)

Exploring the behavior of functions with Dynagraphs (Exploring Algebra, pp. 104-116)

From Dynagraphs to Rectangular Coordinates. Using GSP4 as a function-grapher (Olive, 2002. Introduction to Functions with GSP4 )


Week 9: (10/14 & 10/16) More Modeling with Functions

Re-examining our understanding of using functions to model real-world phenomena (Cooney et al pp. 254-280)

Using GSP to model a headlight from a parabola.

Visit to the GCTM Annual Meeting at Rock Eagle.


Weeks 10 & 11: (10/21, 10/23 & 10/28) Developing a topic across the curriculum: Functions

In-class explorations and discussions

Group explorations and write-ups


Week 12: (11/4 & 11/6) Developing a topic across the curriculum: Functions

Continuation of activities, explorations and discussions from Cooney et al

In-Class presentations by each group

Further exploration of Polar Coordinates using GSP4 and Graphing Calculator


Week 13: (11/11 & 11/13) Exploring fundamental ideas of calculus

Using SimCalc MathWorlds to investigate the mathematics of change


Week 14: (11/18 & 11/20) Exploring fundamental ideas of calculus (continued)

Exploring the geometry of calculus with GSP4


Week 15: (11/25) Exploring fundamental ideas of calculus (continued)

Investigating the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus using GSP4


Week 16: (12/2 & 12/4) Work on final projects


Final Exam: Tuesday, December 16, 8:00-11:00 am


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