EMAT 4680

Computers in Mathematics Education, Fall Semester, 2000.

August 17 - December 5

This course is being taught in two sections by Lisa Sheehy and Inchul Jung

The following resources are provided by Dr. John Olive

Dynamic Tesselations with GSP

NEW! Constructing Tangents to Functions with GSP

JavaSketchpad Explorations

JavaSketchpad is a Java version of The Geometer's Sketchpad that runs as an Applet through your Web Browser.  You will need a Java-enabled browser to view and use any of these applets.  Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer 4 or 5 should work just fine (Windows users should use Internet Explorer).  The applets may take a few minutes to downoad initially, so be patient.  I recommend closing other applications that you may have running especially Microsoft Word.

For more information about JavaSketchpad visit the JSP web-site at Key Curriculum Press.

1.  Median and Centroid Exploration

2. Four Centers of Triangles

3. Loci of the Orthocenter of a Triangle

4. Trisection of an Angle

5. Overlapping Squares

6.  Dynamic Quadratic

7. Ferris Wheel NEW!

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Sketchpad Resource Center
GSP sketch illustrating Blackwell's Theorem