EMAT 4680 Proposed Schedule of Activities, Spring ‘99

Week 1

Introduction to GSP, Electronic communications (Email, LocalTalk and Internet) Week 2
Balancing Triangles and Quadrilaterals. Exploring Centers of Triangles with GSP.
Introduction to The Math Forum and other Internet resources.
Week 3
Geometric Constructions and Transformations.
Week 4
Dynamic Tessellations, Escher Designs using GSP, Tesselmania, & manipulatives.
Week 5   From transformations into functions (Exploring functions with GSP)  
- From Dynagraphs to Cartesian Coordinates with GSP

- Input/Output Function procedures with Logo and Spreadsheets

Week 6   Continuing explorations of functions with GSP, Logo and Graphing Calculator.  
- The Box problem and the Telescope Problem -- linking GSP simulation to measurements and graph in GSP and spreadsheets, graphing data with a Graphing Calculator and CBL
Week 7 Introduction to Conic Sections through Paper Folding and GSP  
- general Conics Sketch using Circle Inversion in GSP
Graphing conics and other relations with the Graphing Calculator
Week 8
Choosing Project Topics and partners — Internet Explorations
Investigating Rational Numbers with JavaBars
Week 9 Constructing the Reals using GSP, constructing radical lengths, square-root spiral, Golden Ratio, Golden Spirals. Fibbonacci series and Pascal’s Triangle with a spreadsheet. Week 10
Trigonometry of the circle with GSP
Week 11
Exploring trigonometric functions and relations with the Graphing Calculator
Week 12
Dynamic Calculus using GSP (tangents to curves, area under curves etc.)
Week 13
Circle inversion, the Complex Plane, creating airfoils from circles (GSP and FOILSIM)
Week 14 Probability and Statistics with CHANCE, spreadsheets and FATHOM Week 15
Work on assignments and Final Projects.