National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics


Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Windows (latest version 1.4) from SUN Microsysytems: 


JavaBars 5.0 from Dr. Olive's Web Page:


Logo for Windows machines 

v  MSWLogo free download:
v  A Primary School in England using MSWLogo:

The Geometer's Sketchpad Web site:

Entry site for SimCalc's Java MathWorlds:

v (scroll down for link to download a version for your machine)

Computer Software
from TERC [ ]


v      Logical Journey of the Zoombinis: computer game with mathematical puzzles [ ]



v      Yoiks: comuter game with logical reasoning and mathematical puzzles [ ]



NRICH mathematics entertainment club [ ]


v      L-ateral Thinking: Geometric game with flipping and rotating L-shape [available at ]

Note from JO:   I had trouble with this applet running through Netscape 6.   It would not let me drop my l-shaped piece down.   I could move it, flip it and rotate it but could not release it!


v      Got It!: Adding game for two with a goal number and a range of added numbers.   This game is recommended for both young children and upper grade students.  [available at ]

Note from JO:   Really good game for thinking ahead and developing number strategies.


v      Makeover: Exchanging the positions of two sets of counters [available at ]



v      Pelmathism: Game to match two card, three different types are available [available at ]



v      Chocolate bar: Fraction game to compare fractions.  It is highly recommended for understanding fractions.   [available at ]


 Center for technology and teacher education


v      MicroWorld Logo Activities: This site provides activity guides with Logo. [available at ]


Building Blocks Project at SUNY-Buffalo :

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