EMT 705: Summer, 1996

Investigations into the Teaching of Mathematics Grades 7-12

(Instructional procedures and evaluation in terms of student growth.)

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Instructors: John Olive Wendy Sanchez Jimmy Woods Offices: 110 E Aderhold Hall 105 D Aderhold Phone: 542-4557 542-4573 email: jolive@coe.uga.edu wsanchez@coe.uga.edu jwoods@nugget.ngc.peachnet.edu Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 11:00 a.m. till 1:45 p.m. Fridays: 12:30 p.m. till 1:45 p.m. Classrooms: Aderhold 111-113

Course Goals

To question what it means to "teach" mathematics;

To become knowledgeable about National and State Standards/Frameworks for teaching mathematics;

To investigate alternative assessment in mathematics learning;

To question what is "equitable" in the mathematics classroom;

To use technology as a medium for communication and learning.

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Major Resources

Build-a-book Geometry

Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics

Assessment Standards for School Mathematics, and other readings

Georgia Framework for Learning Mathematics and Science (GIMS)

"Failing at Fairness: How our schools cheat girls," and other readings on equity

The World Wide Web
Math Forum
NCTM home page
Eisenhower National Clearing House for Mathematics and Science Education
Other Internet Resources

Vanderbilt Teaching Geometry CD-ROM

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Reading: You will be expected to read both the required materials and other articles that you and other members of the class recommend.

Class Discussions: We shall each of us be responsible for leading class discussions on the various topics throughout the course.

Internet Discussion Groups: You will participate in discussion groups on the Math Forum.

Review of Vanderbilt Materials: Those interested will review the CD-ROM based materials on teaching geometry in the middle school.

Writing and Presentation: You will be required to write reports on the readings, investigations and discussions that will be presented to the whole group. Innovative uses of technological tools is encouraged to help bring your writings and presentations to life!

Reflections: You are required to keep a weekly journal for your own reflections. These weekly journal entries will be the data for your final reflection paper which will be presented to the whole class.


Evaluation and grading procedures will be discussed during the first day of class.

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Selected Student Work from Summer '96


This reaction paper should answer the following questions:

1. How has the book helped you or not helped you to question your role as a teacher, and your responsibility to your students?

2. What issues has it raised in regard to what constitutes "real" learning in the mathematics classroom?

3. Are you thinking of doing anything differently as a result of reading this book?

This paper is due Tuesday, July 9, and should be roughly 2-3 pages.

Selected Student Papers
Robert A. Benson
Leslie Brown
Charlene Mason
Sandra McAdams
Sue Pinion
Matt Winking
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