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The Struggles of Incorporating Equity into Practice in a University Mathematics Methods Course    PDF

2005, Monograph No. 1, 16-28

This paper examines the challenges that one White teacher educator faced when incorporating an extensive equity agenda in her mathematics methods course. Theories of whiteness and silence were used to uncover these challenges. Four themes were identified; a need to maintain a safe place in class, her own sense of preparedness to discuss equity issues, student resistance to equity conversation, and her comfort level in discussing certain equity topics over others. Two frameworks are provided to support teacher educators’ work toward equity. The paper closes with a working definition of equity and implications for mathematics education teacher preparation programs.

About the Author:
Denise Natasha Brewley-Kennedy is currently doing her doctoral studies in mathematics education at the University of Georgia. Her research interests include equity, critical race theory, the Algebra Project and its role in mathematics learning, agency, and mathematical identity development in Black students.

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