The Mathematics Educator
Volume 1, Number 1
A note from MESA

For several years, the membership of the Mathematics Education Student Association has expressed a desire to initiate publication of a mathematics education journal. A formal proposal for such a journal was drafted in January, 1989, and amended to the constitution in the spring of 1989.

Issues of funding, control, and accountability brought on inevitable delays. In addition, no one person was ready to commit to the editorship (and the problems associated with it). A group effort seemed the logical way in which to proceed. A proposal was submitted and approved for a journal seminar to begin with the Winter 1990 session. This working group was led by Earl Bennett. The seminar participants set as their goal to produce a pilot issue of the proposed journal in order to establish and document necessary policies and procedures related to its publication. As anyone who has been involved in publication knows, there are a great number of details to consider and to attend.

This pilot issue is the result of the efforts of the seminar participants. It offers a variety of articles related to current concerns in mathematics education. As you can see by the authors' affiliations, all of the contributors for this issue were from our own department. This was a logistical move to help lay out and refine important policies of interaction between author(s) and editorial staff within our publication time line.

We realize that there are several respected mathematics education journals already in existence and have no grand ideas of replacing any of them. The purpose of our journal is to fill a perceived need for providing students, faculty, alumni, and the broader mathematics education community a medium for a more localized communication. We can foresee other journals improving as a result of our publication which provides current and future contributing authors and editors with additional experience in communicating ideas. And if one day we can provide a little healthy competition, they may improve even more.

As we are yet in our infancy, we welcome thoughtful, concerned parenting from our knowledgeable readership. We aim to generate meaningful discourse and encourage research among our readership, however, the quality of our efforts will be in some part dependent on the quality of participation we receive. We hope that your association with The Mathematics Educator, whatever it may be, will be a valuable one.

Journal Seminar Participants:

Earl BennettJulio MosqueraSusan Ross
Maria FernandezNicholas OppongMarilyn Strutchens
Simeon HauShannon PrimmCatherine Vistro

Date last modified: 30 September 2000.