Table of Contents
Volume 4, Number 1

Summer 1993

Editorial    pdf
Michael E. Hale
A Mathematical Microworld for Students to Learn Introductory Probability    pdf | Abstract
Zhonghong Jiang & Wlater D. Potter
In Focus...math 2000    pdf | Abstract
Martina Röhr
The Study of the Unknown: Taking Geometry to New Dimensions    pdf | Abstract
Bridget Arvold
TME Reviews...The Geometer's Sketchpad, Version 2    pdf | Abstract
John Olive
TME Reviews...EndNote Plus, Version1.2.1    (Will be available soon) pdf | Abstract
Lyle Pagnucco
Parameter Effects and Solving Linear Equations in Dynamic, Linked, Multiple Representation Environments    pdf | Abstract
Poa-Ping Lin & Che-Jin Hseih


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