Table of Contents
Volume 4, Number 2

Summer 1993

This issue is under reconstruction and the articles will be available soon

Editorial... The Mathematics Education Gap    pdf
C. Henry Edwards
A Classroom Community  pdf | Abstract
Kurt Killion & Dolly Davis
In Focus...Using Technology in Mathematics Classrooms   pdf | Abstract
Paula C. Dye, Margaret Sass, & Philip Bohlen
Issues in Mathematics Classroom Use of Graphing Calculators    pdf | Abstract
Jennifer Hooper
TME Reviews...Measuring Up: Prototypes for Mathematics Assessment    pdf | Abstract
Lynn Hancock
TME Reviews...Sharp EL-9300C Calculator    pdf | Abstract
Mary C. Enderson
Using the Computer to Assess Mathematical Inaccuracies in the History of Mathematics   pdf | Abstract
Daniel T. Bass & Kenneth E. Easterday
An Exploration of Brahmagupta's Formula Using The Geometer's Sketchpad    pdf | Abstract
Mary Beth Searcy
A Modest Proposal for Simplifying the Quadratic Formula    pdf | Abstract
Jean Benson, Peter Hilton, & Jean Pedersen


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