Table of Contents
Volume 5, Number 1

Winter 1994

Editorial... Promotion And Tenure: A Stair Rather than a Hurdle    pdf
James W. Wilson
On Differences in Pupils' Connections about Mathematics Teaching    pdf | Abstract
Erkki Pehkonen
A Brief Comparison Between U.S. and Chinese Middle School Mathematics    pdf | Abstract
Zhonghong Jiang & Patrick Eggleton
In Focus...Results froma U.S.-Japan Cross-Cultural Study    pdf | Abstract
Toshiakira Fujii
TME Reviews...Texas Instruments' Graphing Calculators    pdf | Abstract
Lynn Stallings
From Paper Folding to the Algebraic Formula for Conics    pdf | Abstract
Pao-Ping Lin
On Factoring 2k ± 1    pdf | Abstract
Peter Hilton & Jean Pedersen


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