Table of Contents
Volume 9, Number 2

Winter 1998

From the Editor    pdf
Vilma Mesa
Guest Editorial: It's a Small World After All    pdf | Abstract
Denise S. Mewborn
Contract and Custom: Two Registers Of Didactical Interactions    pdf | Abstract
Nicholas Balacheff
Changes in Mathematics Teacher Education Programs in Turkey    pdf | Abstract
Safure Bulut
In Focus...Mathematics, History, Ethnomathematics and Education: A Comprehensive Program    pdf | Abstract
Ubiratan D'Ambrosio
“una empressa docente:” A Teaching Enterprise    pdf | Abstract
Pedro Gómez
Mathematicians, Mathematics Teachers and Mathematical Discourse    pdf | Abstract
Humberto Alagia
Book Review...Mathematics Education Research: Past, Present and Future: Reflections on an Analysis    pdf | Abstract
Alan J. Bishop
Snapshots from Mathematics Education in Sweden    pdf | Abstract
Thomas Lingefjärd
Math Education at the Complutense University in Madrid    pdf | Abstract
María Paz Bujanda-Jáuregui, Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, & Eugenio Ranes-Macías
A Bridge across the Americas: The History of the Inter–American Committee on Mathematics Education    pdf | Abstract
Angel Ruíz


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