The Mathematics Educator
Volume 10, Number 1
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Keith Leatham

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A Note from the Editor

It is no easy task to follow in the footsteps of the last TME editor, Vilma Mesa. She dedicated her valuable time and her immense talent to the journal and it really paid off. TME is where it is today largely because of her efforts. I and the Editorial Staff thank her and wish her luck in her new endeavors.

I would like to make a comment about the cover of Volume 9, issue number 2. The cover featured the first six prime numbers in six different languages–at least that was the intention. Unfortunately, "trés" appeared in lieu of "tres." Given that Vilma’s native language is Spanish, as was also the case with several of the contributors for that issue, I apologize to our Spanish-speaking readership. Vilma did not have the opportunity to proofread the cover before the issue went to press and the editorial staff for Volume 9 apologizes.

Enough about the past… I think you will enjoy what we have to offer in this first issue of Volume 10. Carl Huberty discusses the role of judgment in the various stages of quantitative research. Ed Davis and Jane Barnard give us a compelling report (using quantitative data) of what does and what does not appear to be happening in mathematics classrooms. Mangoo Park surveys some of the literature and issues surrounding the influence of linguistical development on children’s mathematical learning. Finally, Diana Treahy and Catherine Brown review Making Sense: Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Understanding.

Volume 10 of TME initiates some major changes in the format of the journal. TME Online is being improved and expanded. It is our intention that it become the thrust of our circulation efforts. As such, Volume 10, Number 2 will be the last free printed version of the publication. The Online TME will continue to be free and will soon contain all of the past issues of TME. The printed version of TME will continue to be published for current members of MESA, contributing authors, and for those who desire a paid subscription. Institutional subscriptions will be $10/year. Individual subscriptions will be $6/year. A subscription request form is located on page 10 and can also be found at our website. We are excited about this new stage of the history of the journal and look forward to new opportunities to discuss Mathematics Education.

Keith Leatham


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The cover is a reproduction of the front page of the online version of TME--TME Online. The site was designed and is maintained by John J. Weber III, a doctoral student in the Department of Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia. The web address is

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