The Mathematics Educator
Volume 10, Number 2
Editorial Staff

Keith Leatham

Editorial Panel
LouAnn Lovin
Eduarda Moura
Wendy B. Sanchez
John J. Weber III
Judith Lynn Gieger

Keith Leatham

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John J. Weber III

Keith Leatham

Denise S. Mewborn
Nicholas Oppong
James W. Wilson

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Anderson Norton III /
Signe Kastberg

Christopher Drumm /
Lisa Sheehy

Teresa Banker /
Gooyeon Kim

Judith Lynn Gieger /
Inchul Jung

NCTM Representative 
Dawn Leigh Anderson /
Judith Lynn Gieger
A Note from the Editor

TME is 10 years old and several aspects of this issue are designed to celebrate this milestone. The cover of this issue showcases the covers from each issue of TME. I thank the past editors for sharing with me their memories of working on this journal. In addition, several other features in this issue are reprints from previous issues. The stories behind their inclusion here are described in the editorial.

The note about the cover mentions the abundant role technology has played in the covers of TME. Many articles over the years have discussed the ever-increasing ways technology influences the field of mathematics education. This issue is no exception. Anderson Norton and Sergei Abromovich relate a compelling approach to using technology to study finite and infinite processes. In this issue's In Focus..., Patrick Thompson discusses another aspect of the infinite as he explores understanding fractal dimension. Daniel Scher provides a fascinating glimpse into the history behind the development of dynamic geometry software. Anyone who has discovered the educational value of these kinds of software will be intrigued by this story of its origins.

This issue of TME is the last free printed issue of this publication. Although the journal will continue to be printed, it will only be distributed free of charge to members of MESA. Others desiring to receive the printed version may subscribe using the form provided on page 32. We encourage all to take advantage of TMEonline ( This site is free and contains all that is in the printed version and more. In addition to the current issue, all past volumes of TME are available in PDF format. We hope the time and effort that has been put into producing this quality website will be a valuable resource for years to come. We also continue to build our TME emailing list. An email announcing the publication of each new issue is sent to this list. If you wish to add your name to the list, send an email to

Finally, I want to send a special thanks to all those who have been and who currently are members of MESA. This journal exists because of the efforts of this excellent student-run organization. One decade down, on to the next!

Keith Leatham


About the cover

Here are the covers from all 16 issues of The Mathematics Educator. Technology has been the theme of the majority of TME's covers over the years—computer generated representations of mathematical relations have graced the cover of 10 of the last 15 issues. In addition, two others addressed the advent of the Internet.

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