Article Summary

Professional Development Through Technology-Integrated
Problem Solving: From InterMath to T-Math
Ayhan Kursat Erbas, Erdinc Cakiroglu, Utkun Aydin & Semsettin Beser

2006, Vol. 16, No. 1, 35-46

The ability to integrate technology into instruction is among the characteristics of a competent mathematics
teacher. Research indicates that the vast majority of teachers in Turkey believe the use of computers in
education is important, but have limited knowledge and experience on how to use technology in their
instruction. This paper describes the T-Math project (, which adapted the InterMath
( knowledge base for mathematics teachers in the United States and developed
relevant resources for professional development of Turkish mathematics teachers to guide them in constructing
useful strategies for their students while developing as expert mathematics teachers. Examples of mathematical
investigations adopted and developed in the T-Math project are presented as well as the anticipated challenges
and subsequent strategies for integration.


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