Article Summary

Ninth Grade Students Studying the Movement of Fish to Learn about Linear Relationships: The use of Video-Based Software in Mathematics Classrooms PDF

2008, Vol. 18, No. 1, 15-25

The use of technology to create multiple representations of a concept has become one of the significant instructional environments that the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2000) suggests strongly for mathematics teachers to consider. One example of this type of environment is educational software with linked multiple representations. An activity for both linked and semi-linked versions of multi-representational software which was used in a dissertation study is presented along with two ninth grade algebra studentsí responses in order to provide an example of possible uses and effects of semi-linked and linked computer software in mathematics classrooms. It was also aimed to make connections between practice and research. The conclusion of this study was that semi-linked representations could be as effective as linked representations and that there was a role for each in different situations, at different levels, and with different mathematical concepts.

About the Author:
S. Asli Ozgun-Koca obtained her doctoral degree from the Ohio State University in 2001. Currently, she teaches mathematics and secondary mathematics education courses at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. Her research interests focus on the use of technology in mathematics instruction and understanding secondary mathematics teachers' views about teaching and learning of mathematics.

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