Article Summary

Preserivce Teachers' Mathematical Task Posing: An Opportunity for Coordination of Perspectives PDF

2008, Vol. 18, No. 1, 31-40

This article provides detailed analysis, from a radical constructivist perspective, of a sequence of letter-writing exchanges between a preservice secondary mathematics teacher and a high school student. This analysis shows the ways in which the preservice teacher gained understanding of the high school studentís mathematics and attempted to pose tasks accordingly, leading to a fruitful mathematical exchange. In addition, this article also considers the same exchange from what could be considered broadly as a situated perspective towards learning. We conclude by suggesting that these perspectives could be considered compatible within this study if a distinction is made between the studentís point of view and the researcherís.

About the Author:
Zachary Rutledge is a doctoral student at Indiana University, Bloomington. In addition to working with preservice teachers in developing their task-posing abilities, he is also involved in analyzing data from the National Assessment of Education Progress. Anderson Norton is Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech. He teaches math courses for future secondary school teachers and conducts research on students' mathematical development.

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